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Our ethos is simple. We understand customer's needs and do everything we can to satisfy them -- creatively.

China is a global leader in manufacturing. Everybody from toy companies to cutting-edge technology companies turn to this country to help them create and distribute their products. Not only that, but the nation’s 1.4 billion people are also in demand of many of the amazing products created in their country. That means there is a major need for a trustworthy cargo forwarding company to help both national and international businesses import and export goods from China and Hong Kong.

For more than 30 years, Cheuk Tak Transportation Company has been helping companies just like yours gain access to the largest, new free market in the world. China has much to offer companies like yours and it is the job of our cargo handling company to help you unlock the potential benefits you could receive by doing business there. Turn to us to learn all about the benefits of our logistics services and competitive advantages.

Solutions for Any Logistics Job
More than just a container yard and distribution center, our cargo forwarding company is ready to handle even the most complex jobs. As your one-stop shop for any logistics needs, we are able to handle any importing or exporting you require to help you achieve your forwarding goals.

While many other logistics companies might offer you lower prices, our team is one of the few that creates tailor-made solutions that help you avoid issues. If something comes up, we will troubleshoot it for you. This assurance ensures you are able to truly take advantage of the vast resources available from this immense market.

Capitalize on Potential
While China provides a wide spectrum of potential for you and your business, it is important for you to remember the benefits of doing business in Hong Kong as well. Hong Kong is unique from China and it is routinely rated as one of the world’s most liberal economies by the Heritage Foundation. Even famed American economist Milton Friedman once called it the world’s last bastion of free economy.

Just how much potential is there to do business in Hong Kong? Well, there are no import duties, no value-added tax, no foreign exchange control, and the banking system is world class. The flow of information is totally free and, above all, Hong Kong is right at the doorstep of mainland China. That means no one knows China better than Hong Kong does. Even in the tumultuous days, bilateral trade has never stopped between China and Hong Kong. It behooves you to put a foot in the door of this opportunity by building a relationship with a trusted cargo forwarding company like ours.

The synergy between the services we offer, our service area, and your business is sure to help you find the success you are after. We play the dual role of being a logistics service provider and trader in China and Hong Kong on your behalf so you can close your deal at home and let us handle the rest here.