Competitive Advantage

Working with Cheuk Tak Transportation Company gives you an edge in the marketplace. How is that possible? It is because our cargo forwarding company has a competitive advantage over our competitors. When you are looking for the finest in cargo handling services, you are going to know you came to the right place when you decide to work with us.

1. We handle projects or shipments that other forwarders consider too difficult. This is made possible by the decades of experience we have accumulated.
2. Most forwarders only handle one or two modes of logistic services, such as trucking, distribution, air freight, sea freight, or storage. Thanks to our resourcefulness, we take care of all of the modes of cargo handling and management–from liaison with the factory to trucking, warehouse storage, customs clearance, and even ocean shipping. Our strength is our ability to design the modus operandi that links up all segments of the chain of process so you don’t have to go to anyone else to move your goods.
3. In Hong Kong, we run a container yard where hundreds of containers are stored and heavy cargo is handled.

4. We are specialists in helping foreign corporations cut the red tape to import products into China, which notoriously erects lots of non-tariff barriers to keep imports away. This is very useful to corporations interested in opening up the domestic market of the world’s second largest economy.
5. We run a massive distribution center in Shenzhen, China. Products, mostly consumer goods, are distributed to retailers all over the country from this location.
6. In Hong Kong, we have technical expertise and resources to handle the movement of heavy and oversized machinery or equipment.
7. We can move cargo from Hong Kong to any city in China or vice-versa.

Contact us with any questions you have about the competitive advantage we bring to the table. Our impressive cargo handling services are available to clients located throughout the world.