Cheuk Tak Transportation Company

Bringing the
Far Reaches of
China as Close as
Your Front Door!

Times are changing . . . and the Cheuk Tak Transportation Company will help your company gain access to the largest, new free market in the world!

Bad times or good times, there is always much to be gained from China.

You could source almost anything from it at legendary "China" price. From Barbie doll to the latest green technology.
At the other side of the coin is the insatiable demand by the nation's 1.3 billion people for the products that the remaining four fifths of the world's population have to offer. From baby formula to commercial jet.

Harvest this vast resources and immense market. When it comes to logistics services reinforcement to capitalize on the potential, the talent from the vantage of Hong Kong is all important. Hong Kong is unique. Heritage Foundation rates it every year one of the world's most liberal economy. Milton Friedman once called it the world's last bastion of free economy. There is no import duties, no value-added tax, no foreign exchange control. The banking system is world class. Flow of information is totally free. Above all, Hong Kong is right at the door step of mainland China. None knows China better than Hong Kong does. Bilateral trade has never stopped, even in the tumultuous days.

Headquartered here in Hong Kong, Cheuk Tak boasts decades of experience in all aspects of logistics in both Hong Kong and mainland China, offering the best of both worlds. When others talk of getting things done, we talk of smarter solutions, lower freight cost, greater peace of mind for customers.

This synergy works for you. We offer the best of Hong Kong of China. And we play the dual role of being a logistics service provider and a trader in China.

Close Your Deal at Home Country, We Take Care of the Rest from Hong Kong

Conserve your time and cost to do what you know best. After you have concluded a deal with either a supplier or a buyer in China, let us know in Hong Kong. If you like, you may involve us in negotiation process. We offer free-of-charge advice for the best possible ways to move goods into or out of China.

For exporting goods out of China, we can arrange
- picking up the goods from your supplier from any location in China
- temporary storage facility if the goods must leave supplier's factory but would not be shipped to overseas yet
- delivering the goods to any sea port or air port
- export customs clearance
For importing goods into China, we can
- advise the best route of delivering the goods
- advise the estimated rates of import duties and value-added tax
- process the customs clearance and prepare requisite documentation
- deliver the goods to the recipient at any town in China

Sometimes your supplier or buyer does not like to enter a deal with an overseas party because they want to avert the troubles from the tax office and foreign exchange bureau. We can act as your agent, through our fully incorporated subsidiary in China, to buy or to sell inside China. We may pay from China to your supplier by wire transfer or even in cash. Conversely, we may receive fund from your buyer in China and then remit it to you not from China but from Hong Kong which, unlike China, does not have foreign exchange control.

Distribution Centre -- Personalized Service at Grand Scale

We operate a 5,000-square meters distribution centre in Shenzhen city of China. It is about half an hour drive away from Yantian, one of China's busiest international container ports and about 2 hours away from Hong Kong which for the past 2 decades have been one of the world's best known container port and air cargo hub.

Ask you suppliers in China to send small consignments to our distribution centre. We would receive them on your behalf. If you want us to pay them upon delivery of goods, we will do so. We would then handle it in whatever way you like, either consolidate them into a larger shipment and ship out abroad by sea or by air, or deliver them to other buyers in China, if you want to re-sell the goods, or store them pending pick up by your customer.

Our ethos is simple. We understand customer's needs and do everything we can to satisfy them -- creatively.

Some wholesaler would take advantage of the distribution centre to save freight cost. They would first send large quantity of goods in containers to our facility for temporary storage. Then we would sort the products and keep inventory record which will be accessible by customers online. With our own fleet, we would deliver the products to retail buyers whenever and wherever they are ordered. Delivery instructions will be executed at real time.

If overseas customer would like to examine any of the goods in our centre without sending an inspector there, we would move a web camera close to the goods and unpack and turn the product according to oral instruction conveyed online, such as via WebEx of Cisco. If this is to be performed at office hours of overseas customer but mid-night at local time of China, that will be perfectly fine to us.

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It's a Good Idea to Deliver by Road

True. The untold truth today is that in China the highway network is far better than many in the West would expect. Transit time is amazingly short vis-a-vis the large area of the nation. Cost effectiveness is its beauty. Cheuk Tak's network of road delivery covers the entire nation. We maintain 98% success rate in delivering goods to destination about 1500 kilometers away within 48 hours, at only about 20% of freight cost by air, and only a few hours longer than it would have taken had it been delivered by air. Overseas customers may place pick up or delivery order to us in Hong Kong by phone (+852-24210131), by fax (+852-24914139) or by e-mail (