Logistics Services

Your time and money are very important to you and your business. That means you need to know the cargo forwarding company you work with isn’t going to waste either of them. Cheuk Tak Transportation Company is here to provide you with impressive logistics services, including cargo forwarding, cargo handling, ocean shipping, and customs clearance, when you are looking to do business in Hong Kong and China.

Whether you are contacting us after you have concluded a deal with either a supplier or a buyer in China, or you want to include our expertise in the negotiation process, our company is ready to make the entire logistics process as easy as possible for you. Furthermore, we offer free-of-charge advice for the best possible ways to move goods into or out of China. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we look forward to showing you everything our company is capable of doing for you.

For Exporting Goods Out of China, We Can Arrange:

  1. Picking Up the Goods from Your Supplier from Any Location in China
  2. Temporary Storage Services for Goods That Must Leave Their Supplier’s Factory, but Are Not Yet Able to Ship to Their Overseas Destination
  3. Delivering the Goods to Any Seaport or Airport
  4. Export Customs Clearance

For Importing Goods into China, We Can:

  1. Advise the Best Route of Delivering the Goods
  2. Advise the Estimated Rates of Import Duties & Value-Added Tax
  3. Process the Customs Clearance & Prepare Requisite Documentation
  4. Deliver the Goods to the Recipient at Any Town in China

Avoiding Troubles with Logistics in China

It is not uncommon for suppliers or buyers to shy away from entering a deal with an overseas party. A lot of times this is because they want to avert the troubles from the tax office and the foreign exchange bureau. This leaves a lot of good money on the table. Instead of turning down a great business opportunity, have our fully-incorporated subsidiary act as your agent to buy or to sell inside China.

With our help, you are able to have your supplier paid from China by wire transfer or even in cash. Conversely, we may receive funds from your buyer in China and then remit it to you from our office in Hong Kong which, unlike China, does not have foreign exchange control.

It’s a Good Idea to Deliver by Road

The untold truth of today is that China’s highway network is far better than many in the West would expect. Transit time is amazingly short vis-à-vis the large area of the nation. That means using truck transportation is cost effective when you are forwarding cargo in China.

Our road delivery network covers the entire nation and we maintain a 98% success rate in delivering goods to their destination about 1,500-kilometers away within 48 hours. That speed is available to you at only about 20% of freight cost by air and only a few hours longer.

Contact us when you are looking to transport goods in or out of Hong Kong or China. Our logistics services are available to clients located throughout the world.