Cargo Delivery in China

Doing business in China is a great way for you to expand your company and find the success you are after. Once you have made the deals, however, you are going to need a cargo forwarding company on the ground floor to ensure all of your cargo is being properly transported and handled. Cheuk Tak Transportation Company is that company when it comes to cargo delivery in China.

From our conveniently located cargo distribution center, we are able to provide you with the delivery, exporting, and logistics services you need to maximize your experience of doing business in China. Reach out to us today to learn more about the different ways we can assist you with your logistics.

Cargo Delivery & Exporting throughout China
Do you need freight delivered in China? Then you are going to want to work with a professional, dedicated freight forwarding company that is capable of transporting your cargo from any city to another within the country. Not only do we know the fastest routes to get your freight delivered on time, but we also ensure that all of our customers are kept informed of the status of their cargo each and every day through our Hong Kong office.

Are you an overseas client? Then you will take great joy in our ability to keep you completely up-to-date with the location and status of your freight even while you are thousands of miles away. Just place your cargo instructions with our English-speaking staff in Hong Kong and we will follow them to the letter. Essentially, our China office executes the delivery while our Hong Kong office updates you on the progress.

Massive Cargo Distribution Center in China
Shenzhen is considered China’s gateway to the world. Naturally, that means it was very important for our company to build a cargo distribution center there so that we could best assist all of our clients with a wide array of logistics services. Our massive center consists of many warehouse buildings spanning the area of several city blocks. The convenient layout enables us to easily and efficiently unload and sort the various imported goods from our clients. Once sorted, freight may then be distributed nationwide to a retailer and their point of sale.

Looking to export? Our cargo distribution center allows for freight to flow in the reverse direction too. You are able to ask your OEM suppliers from all over the country to send their manufactured products to our distribution center. We can then sort the products and load them into containers for export through our China office or via Hong Kong, which allows for additional savings.

Contact us to learn more about the cargo delivery services we provide throughout China.