Cargo Delivery in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most impressive places on earth when it comes to companies looking to improve their bottom-line and break into the second largest economy in the world. How do you get your foot through the door? You work with our cargo forwarding company.

Cheuk Tak Transportation Company provides comprehensive cargo delivery in Hong Kong, as well as cargo shipping, container yard, and cargo importing services. All of these services work together to help you import and export in Hong Kong with ease.

The Right Logistics Solutions for Your Business
When it comes to cargo delivery in Hong Kong, no matter how sophisticated the delivery may be, our team can handle it for you. We handle logistics for cargo coming and going from China, Hong Kong, or any other location in the world. Even the movement of heavy machinery or oversize cargo is no challenge for us.

Each and every part of the delivery process is handled by our specialists. This includes providing you with a warehouse for storage, loading and packing services, overland delivery services, air and sea freight services, cargo surveying services, and cargo insurance services.

Container Yard Available for Storage
Are you in need of container storage services? Our team offers our clients a container yard for storing cargo and leasing containers. This impressive container yard has all of the machinery required to safely handle any type of cargo you need stored. For example, we can load large drums, very heavy machinery, and containers. Our yard also enables us to repack large quantities of cargo in very short amounts of time.

Helping You Import Goods into China
From our base in Hong Kong, our knowledgeable team of logistics experts can begin designing ways for you to import goods into China in the best possible and most cost-effective way. Each and every solution we offer to our clients is tailored specific for the products in question as well as the customer’s budget. There is no single solution that fits all cases, but our team is dedicated to helping you find the right ones for your needs.

Contact us to learn more about the different cargo delivery services we provide throughout the Hong Kong area.